Furniture Products

Confortaire, Inc. specializes in the fabrication of polyurethane foam and polyester fiber products for the furniture industry. With state of the art computerized cutting equipment coupled with AutoCAD digitizing equipment, patterns can be transferred electronically into our cutting equipment to eliminate any quality problems concerning dimension specifications.

Confortaire, Inc. supplies furniture parts to some of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in the world. Regardless of where you live, it is possible that you have relaxed on a piece of furniture that is cushioned with products from Confortaire, Inc.


Confortaire, Inc. has the ability to cut to shape, by your specification, many different polyurethane foam types to meet your specialty packaging requirements.

From extra firm convoluted foam parts used to package heavy automotive parts, to super soft fabricated foam packages used to ship Christmas candies, we can cut to your specifications, or assist you in the development of packaging foam to meet your needs.

Polyurethane Foam

Confortaire, Inc. purchases polyurethane foam from the largest foam manufacturing companies in the world located in Tupelo, Mississippi. The strict quality standards that are monitored on a daily basis at Confortaire, Inc. along with the quality assurance program that we have in place with our vendors allows Confortaire, Inc. to offer the highest quality foam products available in the marketplace today.

Confortaire, Inc. has unlimited foam grades and compressions to fit almost any needs. Every day you come in contact with some type of foam product, from the mattress you sleep on each night, to the recliner you rest in each evening after a hard day, it is likely that you have been comforted by some type of foam product manufactured here in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Polyester Fiber

Confortaire, Inc. has many different blends of polyester fiber available in Tupelo, Mississippi. Polyester fiber is used in many different products which include furniture, air filters, automotive, and home craft projects, as well as many other applications.Polyester fiber can be purchased in the form of rolls or cut to size by your specifications.

Medical Products

Polyurethane foam is used in many different medical products. Confortaire, Inc. manufactures foam products such as convoluted mattress pads, body positioning wedges, wheelchair seat pads, and many other healthcare associated products.Confortaire Inc. has the ability to fabricate any polyurethane foam products that you need. Confortaire, Inc. will also assist you in the development of any new healthcare products.

Confortaire, Inc.

Confortaire Inc. was founded in 1991 with a primary business model targeting foam and fiber fabrication services to the upholstered furniture manufacturers which are located in close proximity to our 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Tupelo, Mississippi. Today, Confortaire Inc. offers many high quality polyurethane foam and polyester fiber products to a diverse customer base nationwide. read more >>


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