Medical Pillows & Supports

Let Confortaire help you reduce costs and improve patient safety and comfort with affordable, versatile, customizable medical foam products.

Medical Pillows & Mattresses

Improve and customize the quality of care you deliver – and save money. It sounds impossible, but buying factory-direct from us gives you options that buying from other providers of medical foam supplies can’t, because you deal directly with Confortaire, the manufacturer, and not a third party.

Balancing costs with the needs of patients is one of the health care industry’s biggest challenges. At Confortaire, we understand your need for reliable, quality medical supplies that provide comfort and speed the healing process while controlling costs.

Our goal as a factory-direct manufacturer of polyurethane foam, and memory foam products for the medical community is to provide you with fast, reliable service and affordable, customizable products that allow you to cut costs and help your physicians and health care providers give their patients the best care they can.

  • Memory Foam Pillows
  • Heel & Ankle Protectors
  • Abduction Pillows
  • Foam Positioners
  • Foot Drops
  • Memory Foam Mattresses & Covers

Why Choose Confortaire?

We produce a wide range of products that offer optimum patient safety and comfort, and we can customize any of our products to your specifications or CAD drawings and ship them to you overnight.

Each and every product we manufacture must pass multiple quality assurances, to ensure our customers receive a top-quality product that stands up to your expectations and ours.

So you really can spend less money while helping to improve the quality of care you provide to your community.

Call us to discover more about our top quality, affordable, a customizable product line that will help your health care providers deliver safe, comfortable care and accelerate patient recovery while making your medical facility a more efficient community resource.

About Memory Foam

NASA originally developed visco-elastic foam for use by astronauts to provide optimal support over extended time periods, and particularly during lift-off and re-entry, since those tend to be the times that create the greatest amount of pressure sensitivity in the body. This open-celled, porous, viscous foam material became known as “memory foam” because it was designed to sense the unique body temperature and weight of the astronaut and gently conform to the shape of his or her body to provide the perfect amount of support in any environment.

Once the word got out about this revolutionary material, the medical community saw its benefits to their physical therapy patients, bedridden patients and burn victims. By correctly and individually supporting the injured areas, memory foam insulated pressure points and created a level of comfort that reduced pain and allowed injuries to heal more quickly.

Our Products


Reusable Pillows

Standard Reusable Pillows – Our reusable pillows are easy to wipe down, hard to rip or tear, and never gives up on comfortability. If you need a pillow that can go far beyond normal standards of durability, take a look at our line of reusable pillows.

Disposable Pillow

Disposable pillows manufactured from environmentally friendly recycled material. Shipped compressed to save freight.


Therapeutic Tri-Zone Mattress

This mattress is composed of a solid core cut with 3 distinct zones on top for maximum support in the proper areas of the body.

Therapeutic Mattress Contour

This solid core mattress with a mushroom-like pattern is contoured into the top and is a joy to sleep and rest on.

Bariatric Therapeutic Mattress

Four distinct layers of “green” foam designed to provide maximum support combined with increased comfort provided by contouring the top layer for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Therapeutic Safety Mattress

Multi-layered poly foam with CNC contoured top layer; includes side supports for safety and worry-free care.

Therapeutic Mattress Xtra

This is our most superior mattress. It is constructed with multiple layers and 3 zones for core support plus side borders for additional safety. Foot area is Visco elastic memory foam for unmatched heel and foot comfort.

Theraputic Mattress HC

6″ Solid foam high-density core made with eco-friendly poly-foam using soy-based polyol. The mattress top is CNC cut into 3 zones for maximum comfort plus the heel area is sloped.

Therapeutic Mattress Dual

Dual-layer progressive resistance design perfectly blends patient comfort and clinical effectiveness. Three-zone top construction with heel slope.


Head Positioner

Designed to provide the necessary support and comfort during surgery while protecting sensitive facial features. Gently molds to the body’s contours and positions the head properly to release pressure points. Made from high density medical grade urethane foam.

Stretcher Pad

Stretcher Pads are constructed with top-quality materials. The foam is a high-density urethane foam precision cut on a state-of-the-art CNC converter for accuracy and form.

Disposable Elbow Pad

Adjustable pad for protection of injured or surgically repaired ulnar nerve in the elbow. It provides stability and comfort with its convoluted construction. Pad can be used on either elbow.

Arm Board Pad

Arm board pads help provide support and comfort with high-quality convoluted foam; they are designed to fit most surgical table arm boards.

Disposable Head Positioners

Our head position pillows gently mold to the body contours, positioning the head properly to release pressure points and banish pinched nerves.

abduction pillow with cover

Abduction Pillow

The straps on our abduction pillows secure a patients’ legs in the correct position to aid in the healing process following hip surgery. Made from high density medical grade urethane foam.

Head Ring

Designed to position the head, ear or iliac crest. Can also be used to support elbows, knees and heels. Made from high density medical grade urethane foam.

Heel Protector

Designed to cradle sensitive heel area and protect against nerve and skin damage. The convoluted foam provides comfort and adequate air circulation around the area. Hook and loop straps allow for a secure fit around the ankle. Made from high density medical grade urethane foam.

Bariatric & Specialty Wheelchair Cushions

Disposable Non-Covered Wheel Chair Cushion

Offered in solid foam, convoluted or contour top. Available in standard sizes. Custom sizes are available.

Bariatric with Contour Mushroom Topper Wheelchair Cushion

Superior Strength foam base laminated to another high compression layer and topped with a mushroom pattern layer of plush cushion material. Size 4x18x24.

Convoluted Wheelchair Pad

Offered in solid foam, convoluted or contour top. Available in standard and custom sizes.

Bariatric with Convoluted Wheelchair Cushion

This high density/high compression cushion is built to last. it contains 90lb foam topped with convoluted memory foam for strength and comfort.

Wheelchair Lap Pal

Made of durable – lightweight polyurethane foam covered with navy blue fabric. The cushion provides a comfortable resting place for the patient’s arms.

Memory Foam Wheelchair Pad

Constructed of medical grade urethane foam. Our convoluted design adds additional comfort and support.

Specialty Wheel Chair Cushions

High density foam provides seating comfort, reduces pressure and encourages circulation while using a wheelchair.

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