Mattresses & Toppers

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Therapeutic Safety Mattress

Multi-layered poly foam with CNC contoured top layer; includes side supports for safety and worry-free care.

Premium Memory Foam Mattress

The combination of memory foam in a dual-layered mattress for durability and comfort.

Therapeutic Tri-Zone Mattress

This mattress is composed of a solid core cut with 3 distinct zones on top for maximum support in the proper areas of the body.

Bariatric Therapeutic Mattress

Four distinct layers of “green” foam designed to provide maximum support combined with increased comfort provided by contouring the top layer for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

This is a solid foam mattress that is both comfortable and durable.

Therapeutic Mattress Dual

Dual-layer progressive resistance design perfectly blends patient comfort and clinical effectiveness. Three-zone top construction with heel slope.

Theraputic Mattress HC

6″ Solid foam high-density core made with eco-friendly poly-foam using soy-based polyol. The mattress top is CNC cut into 3 zones for maximum comfort plus the heel area is sloped.

Therapeutic Mattress Xtra

This is our most superior mattress. It is constructed with multiple layers and 3 zones for core support plus side borders for additional safety. Foot area is Visco elastic memory foam for unmatched heel and foot comfort.

Therapeutic Mattress Contour

This solid core mattress with a mushroom-like pattern is contoured into the top and is a joy to sleep and rest on.

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Confortaire Inc. was founded in 1991 with a primary business model targeting foam and fiber fabrication services to the upholstered furniture manufacturers which are located in close proximity to our 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Tupelo, Mississippi. Today, Confortaire Inc. offers many high quality polyurethane foam and polyester fiber products to a diverse customer base nationwide. read more >>


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