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Dormitory & Cabin Mattress

Dormitory & Cabin Mattress

Dormitory & Cabin Mattress

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Product Description

For the Student

Confortaire’s Dormitory Collection of foam mattresses are specifically designed to address the various challenges presented to the student housing authorities of our institutions of higher learning regarding a viable mattress choice providing comfort and durability to the student while also providing an affordable option to the college or university.

Our best selling style is a 5” thick solid foam core vinyl covered mattress that is comfortable, easy care and built to last; greatly outlasting the inner-spring versions we are primarily replacing. Confortaire’s manufacturing capabilities allows us to quickly customize sizes, specifications and programs to the specific needs of the college or university.

Our dormitory mattress is also a great starter bed for young children as the non-permeable cover is easy care and eliminates the need for a protective vinyl cover.

For the Camper

Confortaire’s Cabin Collection of bedding products is designed with the person on- the-go in mind. Realizing that a good night’s sleep is a rare commodity when traveling, our product design team has developed a series of cabin mattresses built around the most important benefits and features of our best selling home mattress styles. Our motto when developing these mattresses has been “sleep like you’re at home” and this philosophy remains a benchmark for every cabin, dorm or truck mattress project we undertake.

Our cabin series of mattresses features a bedding choice for virtually every level of need including solid foam-core options which deliver the versatility needed for rugged cabin life; all the way up to memory foam versions which make you feel as if you never left home. All our cabin collection styles are available in either a durable easy care vinyl cover or elegant fabric cover that is removable and washable.

The durable soft vinyl cover is bacteria and fungal resistant, non-allergenic, fluid proof, easy to keep clean and has a bonded fire retardant lining (A). Our 5” memory foam cabin mattress features a 3” base layer of high density foam topped with a 2” top layer of memory foam (B).